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Recently, we engaged our insight community, TrendSpotters, in a discussion around the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and what they expect from the business community.

What we learned:

  • Businesses are expected to get involved in the vaccine rollout, and should especially look to lend distinctive capabilities to the effort, whether logistical planning, marketing know-how, or public relations campaigns to provide helpful information and foster confidence in the vaccine.
  • A majority support businesses requiring people get vaccinated in order to use their services, and even more feel businesses should encourage employees to get vaccinated by providing time off and ensuring all costs of administration are covered.
  • CEOs can become leading voices by making public displays of their own vaccinations. This would build confidence in the science behind the vaccine, while encouraging employees and the public to follow suit.
  • Businesses need to be mindful of concerns around “jumping the line” or reinforcing existing inequities through their actions.

You can read more details in GPG’s full report.