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Results of first poll to deeply probe policy views of Trump voters show support not just to fund military and immigration enforcement, but environment, healthcare, education and more

WASHINGTON, DC—December 20, 2016—A majority of voters that supported President-elect Donald Trump want to keep or grow government funding across a wide range of federal agencies and issue areas in a break with traditional conservative cuts, according to a new Glover Park Group (GPG) poll conducted by Morning Consult.

The poll, conducted online from Dec. 11-13 among 2,000 self-identified Trump voters nationwide, is the first since the election to deeply examine the policy views of these voters on a wide variety of issues the president-elect and the new Congress will face as they prepare to take office. Results can be found here.

“This poll shows that the coalition that supported President-elect Trump values and has distinct priorities for the role of government, and isn’t making the same demands as traditional conservatives for across-the-board cuts,” said Katie Cissel, Senior Vice President of Research at GPG.

“The greatest support comes for increases in spending on immigration enforcement and the military, but they also express support for maintaining the spending levels of the current administration in the environment, healthcare and public education.”

Among the highlights related to government spending, voters who supported President-elect Trump said they:

  • Want to increase spending on immigration enforcement, the military, homeland security, infrastructure and Social Security;
  • Believe spending levels should be maintained for internet and wireless networks, oil and gas exploration, scientific and medical research, environmental protection and conservation, Medicare and Medicaid, education, renewable energy and farm subsidies and, to a smaller degree, health care;
  • Want to decrease spending in only two areas: foreign aid and welfare.

Further, majorities want to either expand or keep the power of various federal agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Departments of Education, Agriculture and Health and Human Services. The exceptions were housing finance and mortgage agencies, such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

However, despite that support for government funding and institutions, reducing the national deficit and balancing the federal budget rank as the most important issues the president-elect talked about while campaigning, falling behind only combating terrorism. Repealing and replacing Obamacare and lowering taxes on individuals round out the top five.

The poll also found:

  • A majority (53%) think the $1 trillion President-elect Trump has promised to spend on infrastructure is the right amount, with another 20% saying it’s too much, 11% saying it’s not enough and 16% were unsure.
  • Trump voters are fairly evenly split on trade and America’s role in the world, with 44% saying foreign trade is an opportunity and 41% saying it’s a threat. Forty-seven percent say the U.S. should take a leadership role to promote peace and stability, while 46% say the U.S. should only get involved in matters that impact our country.
  • By a 19-pt margin, 46% support keeping or expanding the Dodd-Frank Act that regulates banks and that President-elect Trump criticized on the campaign trail, versus 27% who say the U.S. should scale back or repeal it.
  • The results show strong support for a wide range of policies to protect the environment, including 76% support for requiring manufacturers to make appliances more energy efficient, 84% support for drinking water regulations, 78% support for air pollution regulations and 61% support for requiring companies to reduce carbon emissions. Fifty-five percent support upholding current climate change policies, while 30% say the U.S. should implement policies that go even further. At the same time, over half (54%) say the U.S. should allow more exploration of fossil fuels on public lands.
  • About half (49%) say the courts should make it easier for public figures to sue and win lawsuits against the news media for unfavorable or false coverage, with only 29% opposed.
  • Three-in-four say they want to see Obamacare scaled back or repealed. At the same time, 30% believe the federal government should ensure that everyone has access to health insurance.
  • Thirty-nine percent believe women seeking an abortion should be subject to some form of punishment if it is made illegal in the U.S.. But among the issues President-elect Trump talked about on the campaign trail, overturning Roe v. Wade ranks at the bottom of the list in terms of importance.

 The results of this poll have a credibility interval of +/-2.2%.

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