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Communications, Media & Technology

We work with major ISPs and mobile broadband providers, leading content creators, including major broadcast and cable networks as well as world-class brands in networking, software and consumer electronics. This experience has given us a unique, integrated and cross-disciplinary expertise on the issues in the communications, media and technology sectors.

Our expertise includes:

  • Strategy surrounding complex business negotiations
  • Broadband & competition policy
  • Merger & acquisition reviews
  • Spectrum policy
  • Retransmission consent & cable carriage negotiations
  • Broadcast & cable regulation
  • Mobile & wireline networks
  • Patents & copyrights
  • Cybersecurity & data security
  • Online advertising & consumer privacy
  • Workforce & immigration
  • Tax & trade policy


We understand the conversation on education and student achievement. We know the policies, the politics and the players from our work with foundations, non-profits, think tanks, labor unions, education media and documentaries, higher education institutions and corporations.

Our expertise includes:

  • Academic standards & curriculum
  • Student achievement & graduation rates
  • Higher education
  • Charter schools
  • Labor unions
  • Common Core & other current reform initiatives
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Technology
  • Teacher & school leader training
  • Community engagement
  • After-school enrichment

Energy & Sustainability

The policies and public dialogue that are shaping the future of energy, resource management and a changing climate are increasingly complex. The GPG Energy & Sustainability team is uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate that complexity with a mix of deep issue knowledge, an unparalleled network of connections, creativity and finely honed communications craft.

Our expertise includes:

  • Power Generation and Transmission
  • Biofuels & Hybrid/Electric vehicles
  • Transportation & water infrastructure
  • Climate change & Clean energy
  • Land & water use & conservation
  • Agriculture & food


More and more, content creators are finding that their subject matter leads them into conversations and debates in areas well outside their usual entertainment and consumer domains. GPG has worked with movie studios, television networks, filmmakers and other content creators to help them identify opportunities and vulnerabilities and guide them through the increasingly complicated and fragmented media landscape.

GPG can play a critical role through the entire lifespan of content:

  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Government Relations
  • Tastemaker Screenings
  • Expanding Media Coverage
  • Rapid Response
  • Cultivating Third Party Support
  • Media Training
  • Opinion & Vulnerability Research

Financial Services

They come by the dozens. They come to get a better handle on the political landscape. They come asking us to shape the environment where economic and tax policy is created. They want help tackling challenges to their reputation, seizing business opportunities and creating a better operating climate for their businesses. They’re financial institutions, trade associations and other organizations working across the financial services sector.

Our expertise includes:

  • Accounting reform
  • Consumer finance
  • Executive compensation
  • Financial regulatory reform
  • Foreign investment
  • Housing finance
  • Insurance regulation
  • Litigation support
  • M&A
  • Regulatory scrutiny, investigations & enforcement actions
  • Tax policy


From innovative start-ups to the world’s leading brands, GPG Food helps clients navigate complex policy and communications around today’s most contentious food, nutrition, agriculture, and sustainability issues. The practice harnesses unparalleled policy expertise, deep media relationships, and a clear sense of where the conversations are headed in order to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our expertise includes:

  • Farm, Agricultural Markets & Rural Issues
  • Climate Change & Conservation
  • Food & Ag Innovation
  • Consumer Transparency, Nutrition & Public Health
  • Regulatory – FDA/USDA
  • Coalition Building & Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Crisis Communications


We are a collaborative, integrated and interdisciplinary team of more than a dozen communicators and policy experts within a full-service firm. Together, we have touched nearly every aspect of health, life sciences and wellness. We understand the issues critical to the space inside and out and offer strategic counsel every step of the way. We know the top health care reporters, policymakers and stakeholders, which enables us to create truly impactful campaigns.

We start with your needs and challenges and identify the best strategy and executions to meet your goals. Whether you are conducting day-in-day-out corporate communications, building a reputational plan or navigating the halls of the federal government, we help you handle high-stakes moments, reach the right audiences and stay focused on the end game. These are just a few reasons we have meaningful and lasting partnerships with our clients.

Our expertise includes:

  • Biotech, including company launches, IPOs, & acquisitions
  • Women’s health
  • Disease detection & prevention
  • Public health
  • Aging & long-term care
  • Health care payment & delivery
  • Regulatory engagement

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International Affairs

The people in our International Affairs practice shape the policy debate on important geopolitical and economic issues. Working with dozens of multinational corporations, foreign governments and non-governmental organizations has given GPG insights that clients need to understand the policies, politics and players at the heart of the conversation on global economics, development, foreign policy, national security and diplomacy.

Our expertise includes:

  • Foreign direct investment & CFIUS issues
  • Global corporate strategic counsel
  • Global health & development
  • Foreign governments & political parties
  • International financial regulation & trade
  • Foreign policy & national security issue advocacy