Own the conversation.
The Glover Park Group is a leading strategic communications and government affairs firm.
Branding & Transformation

When the conversation is about transforming brands, organizations or issues.

Old strategies and successes no longer plot a predictable path forward. The context is shifting. Understanding where you are today and where tomorrow can take you is essential to managing your reputation, building your brand and driving the conversation. We create roadmaps – positioning platforms rooted in strategic and creative insight that enable our clients to best build their future. From there we design tools, content and experiences that empower organizations to build momentum for the new vision inside and out. The result is a truly transformed culture and conversation.

Specialty Areas

  • Corporate reputation & positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Issue reframing
  • Naming, tagline & logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Experience design

Complex Situations

When the stakes are high and the conversation is urgent.

Global corporations need strategic counsel in both the boardroom and the offices of political decision makers. A mega-merger is facing regulatory review. High-stakes litigation is pending. Two companies are battling in public. An activist investor is attacking. Your company is facing a mission-critical transaction. You want GPG in your corner when the stakes are high.

Our team includes veterans from media relations, strategic HR, law, policy, finance and campaign war rooms. We help build disciplined programs to reach employees, customers, regulators, investors and other stakeholders in all the right online and offline channels.

We stay focused – especially when the pressure is intense.

Specialty Areas

  • Crisis communications
  • Litigation & contract negotiations
  • M&A / Antitrust
  • Workforce & product issues
  • B2B contract disputes
  • Financial communications

Corporate Communications

When you need to own your organization’s narrative.

Every organization has a story to tell: the value you create for customers; the contribution you make to communities; the innovations you deliver to the market; the opportunity you create for employees and shareholders. If you’re not telling that story, then your competitors and critics will tell a different story about you.

GPG’s Corporate Communications team helps organizations take control of their own narratives. We mine your operations to find those things that make you fascinating and unique and then we expertly craft a storyline that sticks with and moves your audiences. Finally, we develop programmatic communications efforts that integrate earned, social and owned media.

The result is impactful communications that allow you to shape the perceptions of the stakeholders who matter most.

Specialty Areas

  • Thought leadership
  • Corporate reputation management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Executive positioning
  • Influencer identification & engagement

Marketing Communications

Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what people say it is. That conversation has a huge effect on your bottom line.

GPG’s Marketing Communications team helps ensure that consumers and other audiences experience brands consistently across all promotional touchpoints and moments. We craft integrated programs to spur awareness and favorability for organizations, products and services in support of our clients’ business objectives. And we help prevent the distractions and distortions that can undermine a seamless experience.

For companies, this might mean a research-based, consumer-facing campaign to drive sales or promote investment using a full mix of earned, owned, shared and paid media. For non-profits, it might mean generating charitable donations through strategic partnerships, or tapping influencers to foster engagement at events, in-store or online.

Across all channels and devices, GPG’s marcomms team helps clients build and maintain constructive, consistent relationships with their valuable audiences.

Specialty Areas

  • Promotional events
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Sponsorships
  • Customer relationship management
  • Influencer programs
  • Email marketing

Policy Advocacy

When the conversation is about regulation or legislation.

GPG’s Policy Advocacy team helps organizations navigate the world of federal legislation and regulation.

We work with our clients to define their priorities and positions. We use research to create sharp messages and attention-grabbing advertising. We change minds and drive actions on the biggest issues of the day.

We’re experts at shepherding your message through the labyrinth of government. Our lobbyists come from the halls of Congress, the White House and regulatory agencies. Our press team works closely with the media every day. And we’re unrivaled when it comes to understanding and influencing the conversation across the social web to demonstrate and galvanize public opinion online.

Our work is often invisible. But the results speak for themselves.

Specialty Areas

  • Multiple issue advocacy
  • DC reputation
  • Coalition management & national campaign strategy
  • Communications strategies
  • Crisis
  • Transactions requiring government approval
  • Live & streamed panel & roundtable events