Lead the action.
We turn strategies and stories into behaviors and measurable outcomes.
Public Relations

Crafting and communicating your story.

GPG provides strategic counsel on how to define policy priorities and positions, develop crisp research-driven messages, produce impactful, substantive materials that move opinion and drive the message out through an integrated array of earned and owned media, stakeholder outreach, innovative use of interactive tools and live events.

Sound messaging and extensive media relations are core to what we do, but we also know that integrated campaigns only work when all the pieces are working in concert.

We not only develop but also manage complex, cross-discipline campaigns working closely as needed with our clients’ legal, communications, public affairs and marketing / brand teams.

We never leave winning to chance.

Research & Analytics

Turning knowledge into intelligence.

GPG Research is a data- and insight-driven outfit. We employ cutting-edge research methodologies, from digital analytics to quantitative and qualitative opinion research, to help our clients understand where the conversation begins and, more importantly, how we can influence it. We explore organizational positioning. We develop and test the most persuasive ways to express and deliver your point. We identify receptive audiences and what influences them. We don’t just ask questions or provide answers; we offer solutions.

From national audiences to key decision makers, from one-on-one interviews to the most sophisticated open source media analytics tools, GPG research provides accountability, clarity, strategic direction and creative input to keep clients relevant, effective and successful.

Federal Lobbying & Policy Counsel

Understanding and Influencing Washington.

Legislative and Regulatory Strategy

No other firm is as effective at achieving winning policy outcomes for its clients. We know the issues inside and out. We have decades of experience in government, from the halls of Congress to the upper echelons of Democratic and Republican administrations. We fundamentally understand today’s decision-makers and what drives them.

GPG’s Government Affairs group helps clients develop and execute legislative and regulatory strategies to advance their goals in Washington at every level and in every branch and agency of government. We direct engagement with the right policymakers, help our clients strengthen their relationships with policymakers and influencers, mobilize support for, or opposition to, legislative initiatives that impact their interests and position them as critical sources of information on current and emerging policy issues.

PAC Strategy

In today’s highly politicized environment, it’s more important than ever that organizations engage their membership base, so that someone is saying something positive in the court of public opinion.

GPG provides our clients strategic targeting and tactical execution support for PAC engagement programs, counsel on, and assistance with, member education, executive outreach and online messaging and newsletters.


Content Creation & Production

Storytelling is a highly skilled craft. Our job is to transform your strategy into a compelling story.

GPG’s creative group melds left-brain and right-brain thinking to create campaigns that drive conversation, educate, persuade, sell and move to action.

It’s the story that matters, whether we tell it through a new website or blog, traditional ads, such as TV, radio, newspaper and magazine ads, billboards or bus wraps, or interactive and native ads across the social, mobile web. We use every tool available: photos and videos, infographics and sharegraphics, informational one-pagers and brochures, chart packs, slide decks, reports and white papers, and more.

Whether it’s a 30-second spot on national TV or an interactive digital ad on a news site, our creative output is stronger and more effective because it’s built on the input that only GPG’s combination of research and experience can provide.

Interactive Strategy & Execution

The social, mobile web.

Where the conversation lives.

GPG has built a center of interactive excellence that includes a vanguard of digital, social and mobile media experts. But no single silo should own interactivity. Today’s audiences seek, consume and share content across a seamless blur of online and offline channels. As such, all of GPG’s communications professionals are primed to think in terms of integrated programs to engage your targets across the increasingly social, mobile web.

Examples of specific interactive offerings include: strategies for identifying and engaging with online audiences based on deep social media intelligence; establishing and maintaining the look, feel and voice of your organization across all relevant social platforms; creating all manner of digital content, from websites and blogs to widgets, apps, videos and infographics; livestreaming events for realtime engagement with remote audiences, and extending the reach of a positive story through key bloggers and other online influencers.


Advertising Planning & Placement

Delivering the right message to the right audience.

TV, print, radio, digital, social, mobile, outdoor, native – we use every channel available to start a conversation.

With media consumption becoming more fragmented and mobile usage soaring, GPG has kept pace, so our messages reach our target audiences when and where they’re looking for news and information. We’ve taken advantage of new digital opportunities, like programmatic buying, video and high-impact units as well as native advertising. It all adds up to winning results for our clients’ investments in paid media.